Al-Sagha Palace

Al-Sagha Palace

June 9, 2022

Al-Sagha Palace is an archaeological palace located 8 km north of Lake Qarun in Fayoum Governorate.

It is a limestone and sandstone building. The palace contains seven compartments, and an area of ​​about 180 meters. In the south of it is a cemetery from the Middle Kingdom. The area of ​​​​Kiman Fars (Arsinoe) (constructed), which is the origin of the ancient city of Faiyum and was founded during the era of the Fifth Dynasty, and flourished during the era of the 12th Dynasty.

King Amenemhat III established in it the temple of the god Sobek and named it (constructed) and then named (Arsinoe) in honor of his wife, and it is located within the city Fayoum district of the university, and it was an area of ​​220 acres, so its ruins are among the largest known remnants of Egyptian cities To the north of the city is the main temple of the Middle Kingdom, as well as antiquities including a statue of the third grants of black granite, papyri, bronze coins, and pottery statues..

Al-Sagha Palace
The Antiquities Authority has currently counted the rest of these monuments and surrounded them with a fence. The design of a temple is a rectangular building, with an entrance located on the southern side, and the entrance leads to a long courtyard (or the offering hall).

In its rear wall there are seven chapels that were closed with doors whose butts are still visible. Perhaps the main god Sobek was in Fayoum in this temple. A stone was found. Basalt containing an inscription proves this.

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